Shifting-Domestic & International

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1. Contact us

First of all, you will contact our company on the given numbers & Desk officer will assist you with your queries & take the date & time for the survey.

2. Pre Move Survey

The first stage of the process is a scheduled visit to your home by one of our Shubh Packers and Movers consultants, who will provide you with a free non-obligation pre-move estimate. Our consultant will gain a full understanding of your requirements and offer you the service to match your needs. He will draw up an inventory of your belongings and provide you with a quotation.

3. Scheduling Your Move

Our Shubh Packers and Movers coordinator will contact you to follow up on your quotation, assist you with your booking and answer any additional questions. Once you have finalized your move date and contact details, Our co-coordinator will send you written confirmation of your booking.

4. Leading up to Your Move

Our aim is to ensure that all is progressing as it should and you are happy with the service you are receiving. Our move coordinator is there to ensure that we meet your expectations and answer all your questions throughout your move.

5. Packing and Loading

Shubh Packers and Movers supervisor will manage the handling of your belongings with the utmost care and consideration during your move day.

6. Inventory and Condition Report

Shubh Packers and Movers supervisor will carry out a comprehensive inventory of your items, which will also include a description and a record of any existing damages. It is suggested that you accompany the supervisor as he records the inventory and points out any items that will need special handling.

You will need to sign the inventory as confirmation of the items loaded and their condition. The supervisor will sign the form and provide you with a copy for your records. You may find this form useful when you reach your new home.

7. Warehousing

Storage can be arranged on a short-term basis, or for longer periods, depending on your requirements. We can provide you with warehouse facilities to safely store your goods in a clean, safe environment.

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